The new BMW 7 Series is the most advanced car in the Bavarian brand’s line-up today, featuring technology that marks 13 industry-wide premieres and 25 for the German brand alone. You’ll find anything you can think of on board, as long as your deep pockets allow it. One of the most interesting add-ons the new 7er brings to the table is the so-called BMW Remote Parking.

As the name suggests, the feature allows you to squeeze your 7 Series in and out of tight parking spaces, where opening the doors would be impossible, using a remote. That remote is actually the optional Display Key, the 2.5″ key fob the new luxury sedan can be fitted with. For $250, it’s a no-brainer. So how does Remote Parking make sure everything is safe?


Well, there are a couple of interesting safety protocols embedded in its software, to make sure things go smooth. One of the concerns people have – and even lawmakers – regards the safety of those around the car when it is being parked using the keyfob. Since there’s no one aboard to press the brakes, what if a child walks by when the car is reversing out of a parking spot?

In such situations, the car’s parking sensors and cameras are activated, so that when any obstacle is detected, even if you keep pressing the park button, the car stops to prevent any accidents. The video below shows the safety features in action.

Unfortunately, the system isn’t available in the US just yet due to the legislation.