The MINI Clubman is, without a doubt, the largest MINI ever made and one that’s supposed to open new doors for the brand. Recent sales figures show the Clubman being successful and will likely contribute to the bottom line of MINI’s annual sales. Recently, Consumer Reports took a Cooper Clubman out for a quick drive and found it to still have enough character to be called a MINI.

Under the sheet metal of the Clubman you’ll find a lot of parts shared with other models. The UKL platform is used to underpin the six-door premium compact model and it shares some of the parts with the likes of the 2 Series Active Tourer and BMW X1.


That’s far from being a real issue as we found from our own test drive. The car is just as comfortable as ever and, compared to a hardtop, it feels even more premium, with quality materials being used throughout the cabin and a new design that makes it look more elegant. To top everything off, as Consumer Reports notes, the 3-cylinder engine isn’t as noisy or out of balance as you may think. It is actually quite refined and makes a sound close to that of a 6-cylinder inline motor.

Compared to its rivals, the Clubman truly does stand out thanks to its non-conformist design. Its main advantage lies in its coolness and nobody can deny that. Everything from the exterior design to the cabin and the barn-style doors at the back, set it apart from the crowd. From any other angle, the Clubman is just as good or even better than the likes of the Volkswagen Golf, for example, but you do have to pay extra for premium materials and the coolness that comes with it.

Let’s see the video review.