What was Jörg Weidinger’s exact lap-time on the Nürburgring Nordschleife when he set the fastest lap time with the new BMW M4 GTS? This was the question Lee Renshall answered correctly in December last year. He wasn’’t the only one to get the time of 7 min 27.88 sec right down to the last hundredth of a second but he got lucky as well when he was drawn as the winner of our competition.

The prize he won was a lap in the passenger seat of the new BMW M4 GTS on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. So what can be better than riding in a BMW M car? That’s right, to drive it yourself.


Lee took BMW M GmbH up on the offer of getting behind the wheel of diverse M automobiles at the BMW M Track Days 2016. And in a very special setting, too on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

As promised, however, Lee of course also got the unique opportunity of taking the passenger seat in the BMW M4 GTS. Race driver and head instructor of BMW Driving Experience, Claudia Hürtgen, ….



… nailed a fast lap onto the asphalt of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which really put the new special BMW M model through its paces. And Lee, too, perhaps.

Lee, what’s your impression of the BMW M4 GTS? You are the first customer to ever ride in the passenger seat of this new special model.


Lee Renshall: I’m absolutely blown away. Incredible. So fast. Such a great sound track. Brakes are strong. And the driver was really good.

We have the driver, Claudia Hürtgen, here, too. Claudia: What you think about the new BMW M4 GTS?

Claudia Hürtgen: I still have a big smile on my face. The BMW M4 GTS is the best M car I’ve ever driven.

Lee, what do make of the BMW M Track Days in Barcelona?

Lee Renshall: Best experience ever. I was able to drive so many M cars and experience their outstanding performance on the race track. Incredible, very good.

Lee, Claudia, thank you so much.

[Source: M-Power]