The video below gives us a closer look at the engine and exhaust sound of the new BMW M2. Including some rolling shots inside the tunnels of Monaco where the exhaust note really shines. BMW seem to have learned something from the M235i and the new M2’s exhaust comes with special flap system. The traditional twin dual tailpipes are still present – a clear sign this is an M car – with electrically controlled flap delivering the distinctive BMW M engine soundtrack across the entire rev range without pushing volume levels to their stipulated limits.

In addition, drivers can use the Driving Experience Control switch to select a driving mode and a preconfigured sound to go with it.


The M2 uses a modified N55 engine with six-cylinders and a 3.0 liter displacement producing  370 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque.

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Based on our experience with the M2 at Laguna Seca, we can say the new “baby-M” has a raspier, fuller exhaust note than the M4 and sounds more like an aftermarket exhaust than a standard one. Let’s have a look.