Weight savings is one of the most important aspects of making a performance car. Weight is the enemy of all things automotive related. It makes cars slower, less efficient, handle worse and even ride more uncomfortably. The simple fact of the matter is that the lighter a car is, the better. So when BMW set out to make a hardcore variant of its already might M4, the BMW M4 GTS, dropping weight was one of the first things the Bavarians decided to do.

Typically, dropping weight isn’t all that difficult for a car maker, especially when making a track-oriented sports car like the M4 GTS, as there’s always unnecessary stuff to take out. However, it’s not enough to just take out the back seats and some of the unnecessary tech. No, BMW had to get exotic on us and make something truly special to bring the weight down. So let’s take a look at some of the cool things BMW did to drop weight on the BMW M4 GTS.

5. Back Seat Removal – While taking out the back seat isn’t that special of an idea, as I’m pretty sure Porsche will delete the backseat of a 911 at no extra cost because Porsche is just so kind like that, it’s the way BMW has done it that’s cool. That awesome high-strength steel roll cage in the back looks incredible in that orange and really gives off the vibe that you’re in something vicious.”Sorry, honey, we can’t fit the kids in the back, but I think they’ll fit in the trunk.”


4. Lightweight Seats – The carbon fiber-shell one-piece racing seats in the BMW M4 GTS aren’t just there because they look the business. No, they’re there because they’re very, very light. Have you ever picked up a modern leather seat from a luxury car? They weigh a ton and are some of the heaviest parts of the interior. So switching over to these lightweight buckets helps drop several lbs. They also look flipping sweet and have kick-ass four-point racing harnesses. So they help while also looking badass.


3. Lightweight Wheels – Have you seen those wheels? They look fantastic. They’re 20″ at the rear and 19″ at the front and looks so damn cool. They’re lightweight alloy wheels and help reduce unsprung rotational mass, which is very important, in terms of handling and braking, in a high-performance track car like the M4 GTS. Many people have made fun of the orange color, however, I personally like it a lot. The M4 GTS is supposed to be a track monster with nothing held back, no reservations and it’s not supposed to care what it looks like. It’s supposed to be crazy and awe-inspiring, not subtle and sophisticated. Owners aren’t going to be taking their spouses out to dinner at fancy restaurants in the M4 GTS. So it’s supposed to look awesome and silly and these wheels do that while also reducing necessary weight.


2. Fabric Strap Door Pulls – One of my favorite bits of any of these hardcore sports cars, whether it be this or a Porsche 911 GT3 RS or whatever else, is the fabric strap door pulls. A plastic door handle weighs about the same as a number 2. pencil, so their being there isn’t going to add any sort of significant weight by any means. However, automakers feel as if they should eliminate any weight they possibly can, even if it’s a gram or two. So out go the plastic door handles and in come fabric door straps. They look silly, strike up conversation and add to the experience of owning a car that compromises any sort of creature comfort in the name of speed (in my best Jeremy Clarkson voice).


1. Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics – But of course this is the coolest part of the BMW M4 GTS’ weight savings, as its carbon fiber aerodynamics are the coolest part. That massive  wing, the simply awesome front splitter and the seriously cool rear diffuser. All are carbon fiber and most are manually adjustable. That’s right, the wing doesn’t go up or down automatically at speed and the front splitter doesn’t have that automatic adjustability that some Porsche’s have. Nope, if you want the wing or splitter moved, you’ve got to get out, get some wrenches and do it yourself. So not only do all of these carbon fiber aero pieces look awesome, but they allow the owner to physically interact with the car, which helps form a bond. It’s like the manual wind on Patek Phillipe. It just feels good to do something to the car yourself. So the carbon fiber aero is easily the coolest weight saving aspect of the BMW M4 GTS.