BMW M’s latest creation, the BMW M2, is gaining fans wherever it goes, with no shortage of praise. It’s been called the best BMW M product to debut since the 1 Series M, and that’s saying something. It even continues to impress people who’ve already driven it before. In this latest CAR Magazine review, they note that they had already driven the M2, but after driving it again are even more impressed with the new baby-M.

What we keep hearing over and over, again and again, from everyone who drives it is how predictable and confidence inspiring it is. While the M4 can bite you if you give it a bit too much throttle in a corner. But the M2 will just progressively break  traction and it’s easy and friendly to wrangle back in. In fact, it encourages that sort of behavior and relishes being sideways. So it’s friendly and exciting at the same time, the way M cars are supposed to be, making it the most fun car with a Roundel.

Another thing we’re hearing a lot about is that the M2 has excellent steering feel. When we drove it, we noticed it had great steering feel, but when we hear it from others, it reaffirms our feelings. Finally, we hear other people claiming that a BMW has great steering feel. But it’s also kind of annoying, because it shows BMW still can make brilliant steering but intentionally doesn’t because customers don’t want it. But it does show that BMW is willing to offer that typical BMW steering feel in cars that are designed only for enthusiasts.



And don’t mistake the BMW M2 for anything other than an enthusiast’s car. This is no mainstream sports car that Donna from work is going to get when her 320i xDrive lease is up. Oh no, the BMW M2 is not for the faint of heart. There’s no adjustability here, it’s just set up the right way, the way enthusiasts like. For instance, there’s no adjustable dampers here and the suspension is just setup perfectly right out of the box, the way the car gods intended. Because of this, the suspension is always firm and always compliant, simultaneously. It’s simply perfect.

The only downfall that I can’t make out from all of the reviews of the M2 is that the manual is geared a bit short for the highway. That short gearing makes the M2 thrilling on normal roads, which is precisely the point, but on the highway in sixth gear the engine can drone and be a bit too loud. Obviously, this isn’t a big deal an the seven-speed DCT variant, with its extra gear, doesn’t have that problem, but it’s the only real downfall I can find with the M2. That and its slightly crooked seats…

Overall, from what we’ve experienced and from what everyone else is seeming to find, the BMW M2 is a sensational car and one that only comes around every decade or so. So if the M2 isn’t already sold out in your country, which it is in some markets, and you can afford it, don’t hesitate. Buy one now and you won’t regret it. Regardless of gearbox, regardless of spec, you’ll love it. So buy it now.

[Source: CAR]