Back in February, we headed to Northern California to test drive the highly-awaited, all-new BMW M2 Coupe. The Long Beach Blue M2 was in town for a full month giving rides to journalists from around the world and as always, BMW has instructed its photography team to find the best scenery to portray their cars. And when you’re in California, it doesn’t get better than Highway 1 and Big Sur. Now, it’s our turn to share those photos with you, in a high-resolution which allow you to save them on your desktop, tablets or even TV’s screensavers.

BMW fans have been waiting with bated breathe for the release of the BMW M2 ever since we got word that it was coming. It’s been the most hotly anticipated car from the Bavarian brand since…well, we can’t think of another BMW that was so incredibly anticipated.


The M2 could be the best looking BMW on the market today. It looks positively aggressive and like it can take anything down on the race track. Being based on the 2 Series, the M2 has a beautiful profile an gorgeous lines. But, being a proper M car, it also has aggressive flared wheel arches and a mean stance. It’s wide, low and angry looking. And the photo gallery below shows that better than ever.


The M2’s 370 hp 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 makes it devilishly fast, getting from 0-60 in just over four seconds and its 343 lb-ft of torque (369 lb-ft for temporary overboost) allows it to roast its rear tires on command. The M2 looks great, it’s incredible fun to drive and amazingly fast.

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