There are more than a few BMW i3 owners rolling around town so it was only a matter of time before one of them decided to give their small eco-friendly BMW a better stance and improved handling. Que the European Auto Source shop! The BMW i3 seen here comes with a set of H&R Lowering Springs that gives the i3 a fairly decent drop. EAS claims the lowering springs don’t impact ride quality as much as one would expect.

The car now sits closer to the ground and it’s sportier at the same time. The 20 inch wheels seem to fit even better with the lowering kit.

BMW i3 Lowered By European Auto Source 5

With a slick and efficient power delivery, the BMW i3 is definitely a posh city kid that will turn heads and take its owners anywhere they need with ease.

Check out the media gallery below to see the looks of this lowered BMW i3.