BMW Motorrad USA is set to sponsor one of the newest and most exciting motorcycle shows in North America. To be held in Austin, Texas, the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show will take place from April 8th to the 10th.

Occupying an old warehouse in the city’s east side, the event seems perfectly suited to famously ‘weird’ Austin. More than 150 unique bikes from various different nations will be on display. Though the show only began in 2014, it has since garnered much respect from the national and international motorcycling community.


BMW Motorrad USA’s National Marketing Manager, Sarah Schilke, speaking of the show, said, “Technology and design are both vital to the future of the motorcycle industry.” Schilke added, “As BMW raises the technology bar with each new motorcycle model year, it will continue to embrace its legacy for handcrafted ingenuity. We are proud to be the title sponsor of the Handbuilt Show and applaud the builders who push their creativity to engineer these rolling works of art.”

As well as motorcycles being displayed, there will also be a ‘Wall of Death’ live show, presented by the American Motor Drome Company. Spectators can observe the vintage Indian and Harley motorcycles inside of the steep wooden velodrome from atop a 14 foot wall, as the riders perform stunts.

To learn more about the event, visit, the website of the show’s hosts.

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