If you’ve been looking for a road-going motorcycle that looks like a true track machine, like a track bike ridden by the likes of greats such as Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson, then BMW Motorrad has exactly what you’re looking for. Well, that is, if you’re living in the United Kingdom.

Since the discontinuation of the HP4, a track oriented S 1000 RR has been absent from the company’s offerings. For the British, this absence is no longer void. The new Tyco Replica S 1000 RR, now the most well equipped S 1000 RR available, features more than a mere racing livery. Each unit will be equipped with advanced traction control, HP4 derived rearsets as well as an alarm, just to name a few things.

As for exclusivity, if you were under the impression that the HP4 was exclusive, you’ll likely think of the HP4 as being rather common in comparison to the Tyco Replica. A mere 75 examples of the Tyco will be sold. If the limited production wasn’t enough to maintain exclusivity, the purchase price of £21,240, or nearly $30,400USD, will ensure that the Tyco Replica remains rare.

For those of you in the UK, the Tyco Replica is available for sale now. For those of us on the other side of the pond, we look to BMW Motorrad USA to bring such a vehicle to the States.

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