BMW’s X5M and X6M are unique among the crowd of high-powered SUVs thanks in large part to BMW’s holistic approach to tuning them. With their massively powerful twin-turbo V8 engines and extremely competent chassis’ that do much to hide their bulk, the X5M and X6M have the ability to surprise even hard core sports cars on a tight and technical road.

The S63B44 twin turbo V8 that serves as the beating heart of the X5M and X6M is extremely powerful and sounds great from the factory but, like all turbocharged engines, it can benefit from a freer flowing exhaust system and this is where Dinan comes in.

Dinan X5 X6 M exhaust 14 750x500

The new Dinan Free Flow exhaust system has been designed to improve exhaust flow by reducing backpressure. This results in increased power output and really improves the tone characteristics of the 4.4 liter engine without making it overly loud. Dinan utilizes a Helmholtz chamber that works to reduce exhaust drone on the freeway.

Dinan X5 X6 M exhaust 6 750x560

The Dinan Free Flow exhaust system is built to Dinan’s exacting quality specifications and is constructed from 100% 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. The system is available with either black ceramic coated or polished quad 3.5” tips. Owners can expect to see gains of 8hp at 6000 rpm and 7 lb-ft of torque at 6000 rpm with no other modifications though the system is designed to pair ideally with the DINANTRONICS piggyback ECU for maximum performance.