We recently saw a review, from Top Gear, of the brand-new BMW M3 Competition Package. According to Top Gear, the Competition Package added massive improvements for little money, making it a must-have package for the M3/M4. Now, we take a look at a new video review of the BMW M4 Competition Package from Auto Express and the outcome is much the same.

Steve Sutcliffe, the reviewer in this video, had lukewarm feelings about the BMW M4 in the past, feeling that it wasn’t up to snuff with its current rivals, like the Porsche Cayman. However, he seems to be quite pleased with the M4 Competition Pack, though. The new bits that the Comp Pack adds are new springs, new bushings, revised suspension tuning, lightweight seats, a new sports exhaust system, some blacked out body bits and a revised electronic M differential. All of this adds up to make the M4 a much sharper overall package, one that is much more progressive feeling and easier to slide about. It just feels more dynamic, apparently.

2016 BMW M4 Coupe Alpine White Competition Package 16 750x499

On top of the added chassis bits, the Competition Package also adds a bit more power, to the tune of 444 hp, up from the standard car’s 425, but it doesn’t make the car much lighter. So performance is pretty much the same, except for BMW claims that the Comp Pack makes the M4 a tenth of a second faster to 60 mph. However, Sutcliffe claims that it feels a bit sharper and more enthusiastic at the top of the rev range than before, which is ultimately a good thing as many felt that the M4’s engine seemed to die off when nearing redline.

Admittedly, the stiffened ride that comes with the Comp Pack isn’t all that welcome, considering that the M4 already rode quite stiffly, but it doesn’t seem too bad if you keep it in comfort on the road. However, significant wind and tire noise are present in the video, something unbecoming of a BMW at that price range. This is largely due to the new large 20″ wheels and wider, harder tires. But the stiffer ride is a minor quibble for an overall excellent package which turns the M4 into a much sharper and much more enjoyable car. Sutcliffe claims, and we can’t disagree, that, with the Competition Package, the BMW M4 is possibly the best sports car for the money.