The new BMW M2 is already being reported as sold out in many markets for the 2016 production. In Europe, some customer reports indicate that current orders are now looking to be fulfilled in 2017. The demand for the M2 is high – and that’s a good sign – confirming the attractiveness of this compact sports car in the market. Reports say that the M2 is currently being produced daily in low double-digit numbers at the BMW plant in in Leipzig – far too little for the high demand around the world which triggers some delivery delays.

Many customers from Germany who spoke with our own Bimmertoday say that even four months after placing an order, they still don’t have an exact delivery date, despite the market launch being scheduled for next month.


Although the BMW M2 is officially not limited, the current production capacity at the Leipzig plant seems to cause bottlenecks. It’s likely that the M2 production was planned this way with a ramp up strategy which is not unusual at BMW. Compared with other vehicles in the same production line at the Leipzig plant, the production of the BMW M2 is particularly complex, which is why we believe BMW has opted for a gradual ramp-up of production which will eventually raise the global units delivered.

Over the entire production of the M2, BMW is expected to produce five-digit numbers, far more than the 6,300 BMW 1M units.

It’s also likely that the demand for the M2 has taken BMW by surprise. While everyone expected a worthy successor of the 1M, the first drive reviews were extremely positive and drove people to their local dealership.