BMW 9 Series Gran Coupe planned above the 7 Series?

Rumors | February 25th, 2016 by 14
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As we’re approaching the BMW 100 years celebrations, more and more news around future models come to front. Over the last few months the rumormill went back and forth from 8 Series to 9 Series models, with the latest piece of news coming out this week and pointing to a potential 8er model arriving before 2020.

According to our sister-magazine Bimmertoday, BMW might be planning a new series above the current 7 Series. Featuring a four-door coupe style, the new series will be a successor of the iconic E31 8 Series.

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BMW is no stranger of such model. In 2007, they surprised everyone with the beautiful CS Concept which almost made it into production. Originally drawn by Karim Habib – who is now responsible for the entire design team at BMW – the four-door luxury coupe featured a modern interpretation of a large limousine with attractive lines and futuristic looks.

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A modern interpretation of the CS Concept was the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé, which, however, has only two doors and therefore according to our information does not constitute a realistic view of the possible next top model.

Regardless of the number of doors and the badge used, it seems clear that the new BMW would use the technology of the current 7 Series, including Carbon Core.

The 9 Series Gran Coupe project – or whichever name the Bavarians will use – is likely not a priority in Munich, but with the success of the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe and the fast growing high-end luxury car market, the BMW executive team has no option other than to explore those options and likely draw up some potential variants.