BMW Portland ordered – what seems to be – the first BMW M4 in Individual Color Daytona Violet. The beautiful shade of violet first appeared on the E36 M3 and it’s inspired by the famous race and race track in Daytona, Florida which will host this weekend the legendary 24 Hours of Daytona where BMW will also debut the new BMW M6 GTLM.

First photos from the dealer reveal a a combination of violet with a white leather interior.

BMW M4 Daytona Violet 750x563

BMW Individual program allows customers to pick from different exterior and interior colors than the usual selections. This allows your BMW to be slightly unique in comparison to every other Bimmer you see on the streets.

There’s also the availability of different trims for the interior.

BMW M4 Daytona Violet 8 750x563

With these extra levels of customization, it insures that almost every Individual BMW is unique and different. This program works quite well for very popular cars like the M4. This way, if you buy an Individual M4 customized to your liking, it will be unique to the sea of M4’s driving around your town. Yours will stand out, and isn’t that the whole point of buying an M4?


[Source: Bimmerfest]