What was the best car you drove in 2015?

2 Series, 3-Series, 7-series, BMW X1 | December 28th, 2015 by 23
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Now that a new year is quickly approaching and 2015 is on its way out, it’s always good to reflect on the past year and look at …

Now that a new year is quickly approaching and 2015 is on its way out, it’s always good to reflect on the past year and look at both the good and the bad. This is true for every aspect of life as it shows you where you’ve been and that helps you figure out where your’re going (I say that in my best Forest Gump impression). Though we’re not here to be philosophical, we’re here to talk about cars.

If you’re a fan of this site, you’ve probably sampled quite a few cars this past year. Whether it be test driving cars you’re looking to buy, driving friend’s or family’s cars or maybe you’re like us and just drove something new to see what it’s like. Whatever it may be, I’m sure quite a lot of you have driven some different and interesting cars. So what was the best car you drove in 2015?

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2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i review in Mexico.

It doesn’t have to be a BMW, just anything in particular that you drove that really left an impact. Did you drive an electric car for the first time? Or maybe you drove your first supercar or BMW M car.

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2016 BMW 730d review

I can tell you the best car I drove this year, but I had to do some serious thinking because there have been quite a few great ones. We’ve sampled the new BMW 7 Series, X1 and 340i, the BMW M235i xDrive, the X5 xDrive40ehttps://www.bmwblog.com/2015/11/19/first-drive-bmw-x5-xdrive40e/ and the new Audi TT just to name some. So it’s been a busy year at BMWBLOG. It’s been filled both exciting and disappointing drives.

Driving the new BMW X1 was a highlight of my year, but that mostly had to do with the road and terrain. I’m sure the X1 would be a lot less exciting had I driven it on plain American tarmac, as good as the X1 is. Admittedly, the new Audi TT was a blast. What a great car that is and is something that BMW should watch out for when developing the new Z4. I only drove the coupe but, if the roadster is even close to as good, it’s going to be tough to beat for the price. The 340i was a blast and it’s engine was absolutely excellent. It also handled really well, but it lacked just a touch in the fun department, in comparison to something else I drove this year(though, that could have something to do with the 340i’s variable steering). The best car I drove this year was probably the BMW M235i xDrive. Despite its all-wheel drive and automatic transmission (not the best recipe for fun), it was still a riot to drive every single day. It was the only car I drove all year that I couldn’t wait to get back into once I stepped out. It was just an absolute blast to drive.

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2015 BMW M235i xDrive review

I drove a lot of great cars this year and also drove some real stinkers (new VW Jetta = blah), but the M235i is the best one I drove. So what car did you drive that really made an impression and was the best car you drove all year?

23 responses to “What was the best car you drove in 2015?”

  1. Autopal says:

    The best car I drove this year was the C450 AMG. I also sampled the 340xi, and it too was a blast to drive. I just think the steering of the C450 was a tad better, and the C450 exhaust sound in individual mode was really good. The biggest surprise for me was the Cadillac ATS 3.6 awd. I’ve heard so much praised being heaped on this car, perhaps my expectation was too high, but I was not impressed one bit. The steering was ok, but I hated the touch screen, the gauge cluster looks old and it felt so underpowered, compared to the 340xi and the C450, I was quit surprised. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see what’s the big halabaloo is about the ATS

    • I agree on the ATS, never understood the hype. Congrats on the C450, you bought it right? I heard it’s great.

      • Autopal says:

        Yeah, I bought the C450. The 340xi is a great car, and all along, I thought I was going to continue with BMW, but there’s something special about the C450, It’s the first time I’d test driven a car, and didn’t want to give back the keys, plus it also didn’t help that the wife prefer the Benz. Deep down though, I’m still a BMW guy, no other car company on the globe can make a straight 6 like BMW

        • Congrats on the car. Obviously, we’re BMW people here but we don’t discourage buying other cars. But you’re right, nothing like a BMW I6 :)

        • vanosman says:

          C63s COUPE/SEDAN vs M3/M4

          WANT MORE BUYER REVIEWS, THE PRO GUYS SEEM TO BE UP IN THE AIR. A GOOD POWER DINAN STG2 TUNE =$8K vs $2500 eurocharger.com TX tune for the 63 brings it near 600hp and TOKE !

          designo diamond white stitch, dual pano sunroof, 3way active pipes, 19″ lightweight rims, mouse touch pad and knob for NAV.

          AMG has some trick stuff NOBODY HAS.

          M3 M4 GET stuff from flagship 6 & 7 series, AMG gets stuff handed down from GTS COUPE AND S CLASS +$150K


  2. Before12th says:


  3. wkoniowalski says:

    I got to drive a f40 for three days. Amazing

  4. wkoniowalski says:


  5. Griffin says:

    BMW Z1 or BMW M235i both pretty fun.

  6. Stephen Garrett says:

    Camaro Z/28 hands down.

    • Casborn Washington says:

      It’s obvious you don’t know much about performance automobiles!

      • Stephen Garrett says:

        Please, go on. I have to hear this. The same guy telling me in another thread not to judge a disgusting car design because I, myself, am not a car designer, now telling me, someone who works in the car business and drives more cars than anyone this side of an auto journalist, I don’t know much about performance automobiles. How rich.

        • Casborn Washington says:

          Self entitlement lol, you seem to be someone with a very unique skill set and philosophical viewpoint on changes in automobiles , just try to be a but more open minded in your opinions about real creative works from artist , we do read these things you post , whenever you are ready tour an actual design studio and apreciate the hard work these professionals put into each design you eagerly rip apart at will , it could be very helpful in your growth as a conveyer of partial information , i would actually enjoy giving you that your or talking in person indepth about cars!

          • Stephen Garrett says:

            Dude, this is the internet. Where the whole world comes to voice their opinions on everything from the Kardashians to yes, car design. My opinion, which I am fully entitled to, is that the car design in question is aesthetically unappealing. If you can’t accept criticism, perhaps the internet isn’t for you. Or maybe go with a less polarizing design next time. Either way, the world keeps in turning.

            And that has absolutely zero to do with how much I know, or may not know, as you claim, based on my post in this topic.

          • Casborn Washington says:

            You are absolutely correct Stephen, I deal with critiqes on design all day every day , I think under very different circumstances we would probably have been laughing at many areas of design . trust me I do it allot , we both voiced out opinions from 2 very different debatable standpoint ,that’s life, there’s no harm in that ,what my team will do from now on is send designs to you as our number one critic, just invoice me:)

          • vanosman says:


            Are you capable of naming just one , ie Z28 {grin}

      • vanosman says:

        go drive a the z28 and z07 conv with full suede.

        own now Porsche Turbo, M3 vert, new 392 Chally stick, 330i, Jeeps

  7. Shan Shhan says:

    The best Bmw is my 2016 340i xdrive, the worst was a 2016 650i gran coupe xdrive, it’s one of the best looking cars, a real head turner but not exciting enough to drive. However, best car I have driven this year is the Audi RS7 2016 and it was and still isn’t breaked in. It’s a really different experience from the 340i drive, I love them both almost equally.

  8. Steve says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Having driven most of the current BMW range on track including M4 and M5, I have to say the M235i was the real surprise for me. So much so that I am in a real dilemma. I know the upcoming M2 will be even better to drive and I am thinking of ordering one. But for a little more money I can also buy a relatively late model spacious and comfortable pre-owned 7 series sports limo (with the 4.4 litre twin turbo v8) as a left field and unique choice. And having driven one I am surprised with what a great value drivers car they represent as a used proposition. So do I buy a relatively practical sports car with the latest tech or an immaculate late model large, comfortable sports limousine (with the ultimate in older tech)? Who would have thought the 2 BMW cars I most covet are so different!

  9. vanosman says:

    3LT 2015 sunrise orange conv with CF aero factory kit and black pocket sport rims, suede int, $66k ebay with 1700m at dealer. $10k discount for being end of year and driven a few months on short drives.

    Passed, going with loaded individual M4 Yas Marina blue with Opal white Napper FULL, DTC, Convertible, and CF interior, suede wheel and boots, CF seatbacks, Dinan tune later

  10. vanosman says:

    Friend has M4 black met with CF aero DTC. Maybe i go with c63s hard loaded lunar blue , diamond white design leather, suede d wheel, silver light 19″, dual pano roof, v8tt 517hp, 3way pipes, google NAV, touch mouse and knob, Bergmeister sound, dynamic eng mounts, elect LSD, glow MB front badge and door sills, etc.


  11. vanosman says:

    Trying to get info about testing $70k Alfa Sedan , hear in USA only manual, wifey gonna like c63s paddle with simple old school steering column gear lever, M4 prob gonna be tricky DTC shifter.

    Tested black loaded S4 $52k, real nice manual, clicks in tight and good kind of notchy feel, small D wheel with nice CF trim and nice sport seats were a bit toooo firm for anyone, i hear same about $2500 AMG Performance seats with belt loops (no cold air)

  12. asd says:

    Daewoo Nexia

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