The BMW 8 Series was always quite loved by fans of the bavarian brand. It’s hard not to love its classic wedge shape, massive engine and its grand touring style. The BMW 8 Series is one of the better BMWs from the ’90s. There was even a super-secret BMW M8 that was made but never sold, unfortunately.

But if you want an 8 Series, you have to scour the used market for models that are about two decades old and likely have quite a lot of wear and tear on them. This makes buying one possibly quite a headache. But what if you could buy one brand new? What if you could actually experience the same beauty and luster of a  perfectly brand new BMW 8 Series? Sounds fantastic but impossible, I know. But it isn’t impossible, only expensive.

A seller in Bucharest, Romania, is selling a 1991 BMW 850i that only has 1,113 miles on it. That makes it brand new, basically. There are brand new cars on dealer lots that basically have that kind of mileage on them. So that’s incredible. But what makes this car even more special is what lies underneath its skin.

This particular BMW 850i pairs a six-speed manual to its mighty V12 engine. Out of 30,621 BMW 8 Series created during its lifecycle, only 3,666 examples were 850is with manuals. That’s a rare beast and something that’s truly special, to have a BMW V12 and a six-speed manual.

This BMW 850i wears Granitsilber Metallic paint and has a black leather interior and everything looks absolutely perfect. A peak under the hood gives you a glimpse of one of the most beautiful BMW engines ever made and there’s not a drop of oil or dirt anywhere under the hood. It looks as if it just came from the factory and it’s 24 years old. It’s baffling. This 850i is desirable on so many levels.

To get a BMW 850i with a six-speed manual that is practically brand new, you’re going to have to pay brand new prices. This particular 850i is selling for 100,000 Euros (currently $106,000), which is just a bit more than what the 850i went for brand new in the early ’90s. While that’s a lot of money, it might be worth it to be able to step back into 1991 and remember just how amazing the BMW 850i was back in the day. If someone has the extra cash to buy such a car, it would be one helluva step back in time and into one of the best cars of the decade. Screw the DeLorean, I want a BMW 850i with a six-speed.

[Source: CarScoops]