BMW is getting better and better at marketing new products online. The BMW M2 minisite tells the story of the new compact sportscar – with a twist. At the top of the page, BMW included four sound files for engine startup, acceleration, launch control and fly-by.

BMW seem to have learned something from the M235i and the new M2’s exhaust comes with special flap system. The traditional twin dual tailpipes are still present – a clear sign this is an M car – with electrically controlled flap delivering the distinctive BMW M engine soundtrack across the entire rev range without pushing volume levels to their stipulated limits.


In addition, drivers can use the Driving Experience Control switch to select a driving mode and a preconfigured sound to go with it.

Overall, the M2 has the N55 engine sound, but with a deeper growl and more resonance. We’re even inclined to say it sounds better than the M4.

Let’s have a look.