The BMW i3 is now the sustainable and electrically-powered patrol car. For the first time, the BMW i3 comes as police emergency vehicle in Germany. Peter van Binsbergen, Head of Sales BMW Group Germany, handed the Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann three i3 police emergency vehicles. The i3 police cars feature the stripes blue design wrap which will be implemented on all Bavarians emergency vehicles in 2016.

Installed on the BMW i3 is a special signaling system RTK 7 from Hella, horn speakers, and front and rear flashers. A digital equipment designed by Sepura was installed inside the i3.


“The BMW i3 is the ideal support for the work of our police especially in the inner city area of ​​application. For many years we successfully work together with the BMW Group, to always optimally equip our officers. I am very pleased that we continue this cooperation also in the era of electric mobility and is now ready to begin the trial of electric vehicles as operational resources, ” said Minister of State Joachim Herrmann.


“We are proud that the unique combination of sustainability, innovation and dynamism of the BMW i3 has the Bavarian police convinced,” says Peter van Binsbergen. “BMW emergency vehicles are optimally adapted with the latest technology and the highest quality to meet the needs of police officers. It is thus possible for the first time to use the i3 in new fields of application, with the zero-emission or silent drive needed to tap. Therefore, the BMW i3 represents the next step in sustainable mobility for emergency vehicles.”

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The production of the BMW i3 emergency vehicles with specific special equipment for police operations is carried out in the BMW Group plant in Leipzig.

Last week, BMW i and Los Angeles Police Department also announced a partnership which will provide BMW i3 electric vehicles to the police force in Southern California.