German powerhouse Hamann launches a new app-controlled Active Sound System for BMW X5 and X6 M50d. Active Sound has been a hot topic recently in the automotive industry with more and more automakers using the “fake sound” to enhance the driving experience from within the cabin.

While most of the engine sound is naturally generated, there is always a small percentage of artificial sound that comes through the car’s speakers.


BMW has programmed several sounds in their ECU, but until today, there was no easy to way to access them and choose the one you like best. This is where Hamann comes in and designs an app that lets your standard bimmer sound like a powerful M car.

To showcase the technology, Hamann introduces a high-grade stainless-steel sports exhaust system with Active Sound System for BMW X5 M50d xDrive (F15) and BMW X6 M50d xDrive. An impressive V8 sound can be achieved thanks to controllable high-performance sound actuators, while the Hamann App exclusively developed for this model offers several volume levels and virtual “accelerator pedal”

Here is a video highlighting the features: