According to a report by by marketing and data firm ZEFR, there over 4 billion views on Youtube related to BMW content, but just 5 percent of those views on the BMW’s official Youtube channel. ZEFR says that the rest are from “fan videos” which include road trips, do-it-yourself repair videos (ours can be found here) and other videos showcasing BMW cars in different situations.

Same “formula” applies to Mercedes, Lamborghini or Chevrolet,  each with 2 percent or less of the billions of views they receive on YouTube come from their official channels.

The new media landscape allows automakers to target specific customers for advertising and feedback in ways they never could before, ZEFR marketing head Dave Rosner said. “The ability to see real insights from consumers is unprecedented,” Rosner said.


Youtube is just another tool to reach the millenials, a category of consumers who are young of age, focused on technology and social media interactions with the brands. In all, ZEFR found racing videos were the most popular among automotive clips. About 895,000 videos of races have been posted to YouTube, garnering more than 8 billion views. Videos of road trips (95,000) and car repair (35,000) are also popular.

Our Youtube channel analytics also reveal that majority of our viewers are between 20 and 30 years old, while our highest viewed videos include some sort of engine/exhaust noise or some race track driving.

[Source: AutoNews]