//DRIVE takes a look at the relationship between BMW and tire maker, Michelin.

Michelin engineers developed their latest high-performance tires to enhance the performance of BMW’s top drivers’ cars. All the M cars today come from the factory with Michelin tires, from the Pilot Sport PS2 to Pilot Super Sport and now the Sport Cup 2.

In total six models are using Michelin PSS tires, totaling more than 3100 horsepower. And all that power and performance from car to road through Michelin rubber.

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For example, the new BMW X5 M and X6 M, which are also fitted with the PSS tires, went through the testing stage with around 1,400 prototype tires and 500 pre-production tires tested to ensure the tires delivered the performance characteristics demanded by the BMW engineers.

Let’s have a look.