Michelin Pilot Super Sport

2019 BMW i8 spied with wider, sports tires

A lightly camouflaged BMW i8 test vehicle was spotted in Germany and while it doesn’t feature any design changes, it brings forward some possible upgrades to the tires selection. Sitting on Michelin Pilot Super Sport,…

Tire Review: Michelin Pilot Super Sport on a BMW M4

Are All-Season Tires The Best For The Rain?

Are All-Season Tires The Best For The Rain?

I love when Fall arrives as it is my favorite season! The air is crisp and not as hot, the days aren’t that short yet, and I don’t have any issues with my pollen allergies….

BMW's Legacy with Michelin

BMW’s Legacy with Michelin

//DRIVE takes a look at the relationship between BMW and tire maker, Michelin. Michelin engineers developed their latest high-performance tires to enhance the performance of BMW’s top drivers’ cars. All the M cars today come…