Second debut today in Pebble Beach was the improved version of the previously unveiled BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage. Using the same concept name plus the added “R” after (which stands for Racing), the new 3.0 CSL concept pays tribute to the original racing car of the 70s.

Instead of the neon yellow color that adorned the original CSL Hommage, the Hommage R comes with the same racing livery as Redman’s 1975 race car. BMW’s chief designer, Karim Habib, says the car was always intended to come with the racing livery.



When dressed up like the original race car, the 3.0 CSL Hommage R looks purposeful and aggressive and absolutely fantastic, as does the rest of the car. Despite having the BMW Concept M4 GTS as the main car at the event, the Hommage racing car was the one that drew the most attention from journalists and VIP guests.



The interior seems to be where BMW spent most of its development time, however. While the exterior is polarizing, with its extreme styling, the interior is simplistic and utilitarian. Designed specifically to aid a racing driver wearing a full racing suit and helmet, the CSL Hommage R’s interior is sculpted around the driver’s seat.


The suit itself is another story and BMW says they worked closely with PUMA to design a high-tech racing suit. If both the driver’s hands are on the steering wheel, illuminated piping integrated into the sleeves of the suit shows the progress of information – from the shift impulse display, for example – out of the steering column over the driver’s arms and into his visor.


BMW is not saying if this tech will arrive in the near future, but they hinted that some aspects of it will certainly be part of our racing cars in the future.


Here is a photo gallery from the event: