There’s some exciting stuff going on lately, if you’re into classic cars. Pebble Beach is coming up, which usually hosts its share of eye-wateringly expensive classic cars and the RM Sotheby’s Motor City Sale in Detroit just passed. While Pebble Beach is the more exclusive place to be, Sotheby’s ain’t too shabby either. It’s most recent event also happens to be where the most expensive BMW Z8 ever was sold.

BMWs aren’t much known for selling well into the 6-digits. Those kinds of price tags are usually reserved for Ferraris and Aston Martins. So when someone buys a BMW Z8 for that kind of money, it’s kind of big news. At Sotheby’s, two European exotics sold for the exact same high dollar price tag. One of them being the BMW Z8, chassis number WBAEJ13481AH60437, and the other being a Lamborghini LM002 SUV. They both sold for exactly $192,500, or 50 percent more than the original $128,000 price tag for a new BMW Z8.

The Z8 is one of BMW’s most exclusive vehicles. Only 5,703 examples were made, with only 2,543 making it Stateside. So the Z8 is already a rare and collectible car. This particular Z8 only had 15,500 miles on the odometer, meaning it was still quite fresh.

The Henrik Fisker-designed car was a throwback to sports cars of a bygone era, like the BMW 507. Its gorgeous looks, retro-styled interior, 4.9 liter V8 and six-speed manual made it one of the coolest Bimmers ever made. Throw in the fact that it was rare and only had 15,500 miles on it and you can start to see why someone would pay so much money for it. Plus James Bond drove one, and that instantly raises demand.

So whoever sold that BMW Z8 was able to enjoy 15,500 miles on blissful Z8 motoring and then make a 50 percent profit on it a decade later. It’s hard to beat that kind of deal and makes you want to find future classics. It’s tough to spot them now, but it’s worth looking into if you can pull off the same kind of plan this Z8 seller did, selling the most expensive BMW Z8 in history.

[Source: Autoblog]

[Image: Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s]