California-based tuning shop Dinan releases a new update to the power kit for the new BMW M3 and M4. The Stage 2 DINANTRONICS tune represents a sizable increase in power and torque over Stage 1 with users being able to expect gains of 56 hp at 6000 rpm and 58 lb-ft of torque at just 4000 rpm. The Stage 2 tune remains 50 state emissions legal and for those enthusiasts who already purchased DINANTRONICS Stage 1, they only pay the $250 difference between the two tunes.To reliably sustain these big gains, the new kit includes the Dinan Free Flow exhaust and Carbon Cold Air Intake.

Dinan says that their DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner doesn’t negate or voide your new car warranty coverage and they claim this is the only emissions legal aftermarket ECU on the market complete with an E.O number. The ultimate objective of this tuning kit was to provide the ability to control every signal entering and exiting the BMW factory Engine Control Unit.


Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake

Dinan’s S55 cold air intake maximizes the efficiency of the factory design first by utilizing a sealed air box that prevents the intrusion of hot under hood air while retaining an excellent pickup location for cold air. Air is passed through a 30% larger high-flow filter, past an upgraded MAF sensor and into a carbon fiber tube that provides 20% more air volume than the stock piece. When coupled with the Stage 2 DINANTRONICS unit, the max gains include 14 hp and 21 lb-ft of torque.


Dinan Lightweight Tubular Sway Bar Set

Dinan’s Lightweight Tubular Anti-Roll Bars for the latest M3/M4 models measure 32mm in the front and 24mm in the rear. The goal is to reduce body roll, improve grip and stability, while saving weight. The large advantage with Dinan’s Anti-Roll bars is the four adjustability points on each end (three in front) that work in conjunction with Dinan’s adjustable end links to set the car up for five total positions on the bar, making it adjustable from 57% to 103% stiffer than the stock front bar and 0% to 13% stiffer than the stock rear bar.