95 percent of a BMW i3 can be recycled. Steffen Aumann, Head of the BMW Group Recycling and Dismantling Centre, invites to see the recycling process of the i3.

The process starts with the pyrotechnics of the vehicle being neutralized. This means that components such as airbags or belt tensioners are set off in the vehicle. Subsequently, the high-voltage battery is removed from the vehicle and supplied to Second Life for re-use.

Then, during draining, the vehicle is released of fluids and used parts are disassembled from the vehicle. After that, the vehicle goes into the compactor and then into the shredder.

Here is a short list of the entire process:

BMW dismantling and recycling center, the BMW i3 is being delivered for scrapping.
Preparation of the airbag-ignition.
Dismantling a BMW i3 battery.
Removing wheels of BMW i3.
Dismantling door of BMW i3.
CFRP mats.
Reprocessing plant Wackersdorf.
Shredding the dismantled CFRP mats.
Recycled, shredded CFRP.
Reprocessed CFRP runs over coil.
Reprocessing to new CFRP mat.
Production of CFRP mats.