The sports seats in the new BMW M3 and M4 are regarded as some of the most beautiful seats BMW has ever built. Their shape, trim quality and functionality have been praised by journalists who drove the two new Ms on track and on the road. Yet, many customers are looking at options to further improve the looks of their seats.  For many BMW M3 and BMW M4 owners getting that extra touch is all they look forward to.

Courtesy of Precision Sport Industries, the carbon fiber seat trim is an easy to install aftermarket part. It replaces the original seat trim, adds a layer of carbon fiber while shedding off some weight as well. These come part of a four-piece set and are done with dry carbon fiber 2×2 weave configuration, and it comes with ultralight construction and glossy mirror finish too.

Now the seats match even more the sporty interior and carbon fiber trim of the M3/M4, and make for a nice conversation with other BMW fans.

Carbon Fiber Seat Trim For BMW F8X Models 4