Buying a new car can be extremely stressful. The buying process can be intimidating and at times you might get into a car that costs far more than your budget will allow. Other add-ons during the buying process are the packages and accessories that can be purchased with your car, some worth more than others, but nonetheless, confusing.

There are also other factors when buying a car, beside just the sticker price and monthly payment cost. There’s depreciation and reliability as well. It’s very possible that cars are the worst investment possible. Unless you own an 1M. Cars, in general, are the only thing I can think of that can lost almost 30 percent of their value the moment they’re purchased. So when considering buying a car, finding out how about much it will be worth in a few years and how much you’ll have in it is very important. Also, cars, regardless of how well built or by whom, are still machines and will break eventually. That’s life. And when they do, they can be extremely expensive to fix, which also hurts your investment.


All of this is a good reason why buying second hand might be the best bet. Sure, when buying second hand, you don’t get a brand new car and there may be some unwanted mileage on it. But if you do some digging, you’ll find a pre-owned car worth the risk. Especially if buying a Certified Pre-Owned car. This way, you get a car with an excellent warranty package, and someone else has taken the original depreciation hit for you, which is usually when it depreciates the most. BMW offers quite an excellent CPO, at the moment.

What is BMW’s CPO?

bmw-cpoDe This would give the car a total of 6 years/100,000 miles worth of coverage. Not too shabby.

How does a BMW become Certified Pre-Owned?

For a BMW to be Certified Pre-Owned, it must be a bit older of a model with less than 60,000 miles on it. It is then inspected by a Certified BMW technician, who puts the BMW through a rigorous test to check everything from the engine to the glovebox. This insures that when you buy the vehicle, you can drive away with peace of mind, knowing that everything one the car has been inspected and works properly. The checklist of areas the technician must inspect is massive and covers even the tiniest of details, such as wiper stalks and trunk mats.

Does it come with Roadside Assistance?

Yes, BMW’s Certified Pre-Owned cars come with 24 hour, 365 day roadside assistance. If you get a flat tire, dead battery or even if you lock yourself out of the car, BMW’s roadside assistance will help you out.

The CPO pricing on each car is different, because if anything needs to be replaced, such as belts or tires, it can cost a bit more. However, it’s worth it, because when buying a car with decent mileage on it, you never know what can happen. Cars always tend to break in the worst of times, trust me. I’ve had my fair share of issues with used cars. A CPO adds a warm, fuzzy security blanket to any car buying experience. Because if you think there may be a problem, you can just remember “It’s fine, it’s covered” and then it’ll get fixed.

It is more money to buy a certified BMW over a standard pre-owned model. However, the extra $1,000-$2,000 is well worth the protection. If one major issue occurs, the CPO pays for itself. BMW’s CPO program is one of the best in the business, and in a way is almost better than buying a brand new Bimmer. This was, someone else loses 20 percent on their brand new car and you get it with low mileage and a warranty, as if it were brand new.

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