Good driving skills and some luck helped the driver of an E92 M3 racing car avoid a potential deadly crash at the legendary and dangerous Nurburgring race track. During what seem to be a public day at the Ring, an E92 M3 race car was doing a hot lap, cutting corners at high-speed while dealing with the usual reduced visibility on the track.

The Mazda MX-5 seems to have been disabled on the track, sitting nearly sideways on the pavement with very little space to get by it. Even though the M3 was running at high-speeds, the skilled driver managed to save the day by barely avoiding the disabled Mazda and most likely its driver trapped inside the car.

Nurburgring is unfortunately known for its yearly casualties, mostly because anyone with a car and a driver license can pay a fee and jump on the track. Inexperienced drivers often don’t know how to properly handle a track and add to it a powerful car, and bad things are bound to happen.

Take a look at the video below for a quick lesson on obstacle avoidance.