With Spring around the corner, convertibles are back in business. The open-top driving experience lures more than just a few drivers who enjoy taking long drives on scenic roads where they can fully appreciate the scenery from the comfort of their car.

But convertibles (and specially BMW convertibles) can be quite expensive. They are usually priced higher than the coupes and sedans, and are rarely the choice for the first car in the garage.

With this in mind, we’ve scoured eBay car classifieds to come up with five BMW convertibles that will be equally exciting to drive and not break your bank.

We’ve kept the price range to around $15,000 so many can afford those as a second or third car.

Here are the five BMW convertibles we would choose.

1. 2004 BMW Z4 2.5L

This BMW Z4 comes with low miles, clean service history, and while it does have some minor repair work needed, overall the car is in great mechanically condition.

2. 2004 BMW 325ci

This is a facelifted BMW E46 325ci and comes with a full service history, looks to be in great condition and well maintained. The Jet Black exterior finish works quite well with the tan leather and interior trim, giving the convertible a more premium, luxurious look.

The car is just under the price limit set and the E46 3 Series is still one of the most beautiful 3 Series ever built.

3. 2003 BMW Z4 2.5i

Another BMW Z4 that looks incredibly well kept and maintained in every aspect. This roadster comes with fairly high mileage, but the overall condition warrants a closer look for a weekend fun car that can still turn heads in town.

4. 2013 BMW 1-Series 135i

This BMW 135i is probably the best bang for your buck in this price range. The 1er cabriolet looks clean, comes with a full service history and the black exterior finish emphasizes the sporty lines of the high-end previous generation 1 Series. There is one drawback however. The driver’s side of the car needs a few touch ups, due to the vehicle being involved in an accident. You can clearly see the damage in the images on the listing, but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix, if the description is on point there.

The powerful engine, great acceleration and driving performance, will ensure an amazing driving experience on those backroads.


5. 2005 BMW 330ci

At $15,495, this BMW E46 330ci is priced slightly above the limit we’ve set. But the beautiful lines and the iconic Alpine White paint job were just too hard to pass on.

The car looks clean, well kept and maintained, and the inline-six engine will ensure some amazing driving dynamics.