Wheels are important on a car as they plant the car to the ground. They are as important on a car as shoes are to a suit. BMW has been one of the best auto makers when it comes making wheels.

They always seem to make wheels that perfectly match the style of the car without looking too gaudy. The wheels can look aggressive yet refined or classy yet subtle.

So let’s take a look at the five best wheels ever put on a BMW.


  1. BMW M1: The BMW is easily one of the most iconic vehicles in the brands history. Styled by Giugiaro, the M1 looked futuristic for the time period and it shows in the wheels. With an 80’s idea of what the future would look like, almost a Blade Runner style, the M1 wheels looked to the future of the automobile just like the rest of the car. While not the most aesthetically pleasing, the M1’s wheels are so iconic that they have to be on the list.
  1. E39 BMW M5: The E39 M5 had very subtle wheels which matched the car perfectly. The E39 is considered the best M5, and possibly even the best luxury-sport sedan, of all time by many. This particular M5 had a sort of refined rage to it and I think the wheels display that perfectly. They aren’t flashy yet they aren’t boring either. Just the perfect balance of size, styling and refinement.


  1. E30 BMW M3: E30s are very eighties. They ooze eighties, German styling in every inch of the car. Made by BBS, the E30 M3’s wheels fit the car perfectly, with their small diameter and many spokes. They’re also not that pretty, which works well on a car meant to be on a track. They put function before form. Plus they’re on the iconic E30 M3, so for that alone they go on the list.


  1. F80/82 BMW M3/4: The M3 and M4 have the same wheels and they look fantastic. Both cars look ultra-modern and ultra-aggressive. The M3’s look especially good thanks to the wider than normal wheel arches. The availability of two-tone, black and silver, finish makes them look extra aggressive to match the car(s). The wheels are the right size and fit beefy, wide tires. Perfect wheel for one of the best performance cars on the market.


  1. BMW i8: Yes, purists, get your pitchforks ready because I picked an electric car for my favorite BMW wheels of all time. I have good reason, though, so hear me out before starting an angry mob. Like the M1, decades before it, the i8 looks like it comes from the future and the wheels are part of that. They look sporty, lightweight and high-tech. They match the concept-style look of the i8 and are like no other wheels on the market. They’re fresh and innovative just like the rest of the car and make it feel special. For their style, innovation and forward thinking, they take the number one spot.

Have other wheels in mind that you thought should be on the list? Comment below and let me know!