Does a BMW 8/9 Series make sense?

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bmw 850csi

BMW should bring back the 8 Series. BMW needs a car in this segment. It would cement them into uber-luxury territory.

Mercedes released the new S-Class Coupe last year, a replacement to the aging CL-Class. The S-Class Coupe is a two-door, grand touring coupe with a twin-turbo V8, rear or all-wheel drive and more in-car tech than the Millennium Falcon.

The S Coupe has sold well already, and will continue to. It looks great, is extremely luxurious and very, very fast. It’s a pretty unique car as there aren’t many uber-luxurious, touring coupes other than a Rolls or a Bentley.

Yet BMW has no competition for it. The most luxurious coupe BMW has is the 6 Series and that is no where near the level of the S Coupe. The 6er competes with Mercedes’ SL while the 7 Series competes with the S-Class sedan but nothing for the S-Class coupe.

mercedes benz concept s class coupe 06 750x496

This is why I think they should bring back the 8 Series.

BMW needs a car in this segment. It would cement them into uber-luxury territory. It wouldn’t be too hard for them either because they own a company who is better than anyone else at luxury — Rolls Royce. And Rolls already makes the Wraith, which, if it wasn’t so expensive, would compete directly with the S-Class Coupe.

test drive rolls royce wraith 101 750x500

BMW could borrow the platform from the Wraith and stuff their usual BMW things in it. Make it sleek, sexy and fast as well as luxurious. If they used the Wraith platform, the R&D and tooling would be cheap. Or they can use the new 7 Series long-wheel base platform and the company would still save money.

The S-Class Coupe is sexy and prestigious, it’s something people dream about owning. BMW has the tools to make something sexy enough to compete. A BMW 8 Series could be a new flagship, something to debut new technologies and engines.


An 8 Series with the 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8, 8 -Speed automatic, xDrive, laser headlights and all of BMWs new autonomous driving tech would be a perfect flagship. Right now the 7 Series is BMW’s flagship and is losing both the sales and popularity game to Mercedes and their mighty S-Class.

BMW can hit back with a big, right hook by creating an uber-luxury 8 Series. Or 9 Series.

7 responses to “Does a BMW 8/9 Series make sense?”

  1. Miketcho says:

    “The 6er competes with Mercedes’ SL…” I would rather say that BMW 6 series competes with Mercedes E Class Coupe. The SL has its own competitor in the BMW’s model range – it’s Z4.

    • Matt Stokes says:

      The 6-er starts in E Coupe territory and finishes in SL territory. The Z4 is a two seat convertible roadster, Merc’s equivalent would be the SLK. Base price of a SL is way, way above a Z4 35i.

  2. Matt Stokes says:

    I really hope BMW bring something above the 6-er and 7-er. Quite how they play the model numbering is anyone’s guess, but a 9-er Saloon to fill the €100,000 gap between the 7-er and the Ghost would be great, and an 8-er coupe that is to the 9-er as the Wraith is to the Ghost would be epic.

    Since they abandoned the 505 saloon all those years ago, BMW have never been on par with Mercedes at this end of the market – whilst I think entering the upper end of the segment with two new models is one thing, actually taking the fight to Stuttgart might be another.

    As their product portfolio has expanded over recent years, they have shifted the average BMW product you are likely to see in the street down-market a bit. I really hope they can “make a business case” for 8-er/9-er, as that phrase seems to kill too many of the models that us enthusiasts want!

  3. Levi says:

    No need. BMW is better at building SUVs and Vans. Leave the luxury and sports cars to the others who are good at that.

  4. v12 says:


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