Turning a street legal vehicle into a track ready behemoth takes some hard work. You need to adhere to performance, safety and visual aspects of the build, ensuring all three are equally achieved.

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This is why companies like European Auto Source are highly regarded and respected in the tuning scene as they provide the expertise and proven track record.

Lately, it has become quite popular turning the E92 M3 into a track-ready vehicle.

M3 Built For The Race Track 9 750x469

This Alpine White BMW M3 started off as a normal M3, boosting a nice punch with 414 bhp (309 kW; 420 PS) at 8300 rpm, with peak torque of 295 lb•ft (400 N•m) at 3900 rpm. No slouch by any standard!

For this project, most of the aftermarket work was related to weight shedding. The addition of an Akrapovic GT4 full titanium exhaust system with carbon fiber tips provides a slight boost in performance and some amazing acoustics, as well as shedding some weight.

M3 Built For The Race Track 11 750x469

The E92 M3 received a full bevvy of carbon fiber exterior aero parts installed: a BMW M Performance carbon fiber mirror caps and gloss black kidney grilles start of the exterior mods. This is followed by a set of iND carbon fiber side markers and painted reflectors.

Next, a Vorsteiner carbon fiber trunk was installed together with the APR Performance front under splitter, Seibon carbon fiber vented hood complete with a Varis carbon fiber system 1 under tray diffuser and a carbon fiber wing. Now the performance and aerodynamics have definitely been improved.

European Auto Source Builds A BMW M3 For The Track

The weight of the vehicle was additionally lowered and performance improved, thanks to a set of VOLK TE37SL wheels. These hide the high-performance brakes, courtesy of a Brembo GT BBK in the front and rear, perfectly enhancing braking performance of this vehicle and making it suitable for the track. With a complete JRZ RS Pro coilover system the car now sits lower and provides better driving performance as well.

European Auto Source Builds A BMW M3 For The Track

Inside, the driver’s safety is improved with a set of Status Icon race seats and a GMG Roll Cage, perfectly mixing the race ready appearance, performance and safety of this vehicle. The driver also has a BMW M Performance steering wheel installed. For additional images of this entire build, please take a look at the additional images we’ve added below earlier.

European Auto Source Builds A BMW M3 For The Track

European Auto Source Builds A BMW M3 For The Track

European Auto Source Builds A BMW M3 For The Track