As the new year arrived, we are back with our tuning series. This Alpine White BMW F80 M3 will keep you entertained for a couple of minutes, as it features a set of aftermarket wheels and a great photography, wrapped up with some exclusive shots of this beast from Germany.

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The BMW F80 M3 we have here is equipped with a set of ADV.1 Wheels that have been added by ATT-Tec last month. The German tuning shop specializes in high-performance builds, providing domestic customers with custom wheels, but also with performance and visual upgrades, alongside complete project work and other modding available. The set seen here is the ADV5 M.V1 wheel design, coming in sizes of 20 inches in both front and rear, respectively.


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The M3 of the current generation is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0L straight-six engine that delivers 425 horsepower. It has an MSRP $62,000 set for this vehicle in United States. It also offers an abundance of interior and exterior additions, providing the driver with comfort and performance, all wrapped up in the same vehicle. According to official BMW specifications and info it also does 26mpg on the highway according to estimates as well.

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The wheels are combined with a set of KW Suspension coilovers, allowing for a more dynamic cornering together with an improved stance, thanks to the lowering applied to vehicle. This photoshoot has been completed by C-Kraft Photography.

Alpine White BMW F80 M3 Equipped With ADV.1 Wheels

Alpine White BMW F80 M3 Equipped With ADV.1 Wheels

Alpine White BMW F80 M3 Equipped With ADV.1 Wheels