Welcome to Daytona International Speedway. 2015 Edition. Most teams in  IMSA’s Tudor and Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge have made the first trek south of the year to run three days flat out on the high banks of Daytona. We have teamed up again with MotorSportMedia to bring you news, reports and exclusive galleries. You can follow live on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/motorsportmedia1 .

Teams arrived on Thursday and there are some notable missing cars. Turner Motorsport had a late announcement of their defense of the GTD Title with their Z4 GTD. The car will not make the Roar test weekend. Team RLL has two new BMW Z4s as the previous Z4s have been retired to the motorsports collection. Look for them around the country at special events. They are a site to see up close. The Daytona Prototype field has grown in terms of BMW Power. Dinan has provided engines to RG Racing and Highway to Help both have BMW V8 power built by Dinan. Look for the strong engine package to assist both of these cars during the Rolex 24 Hour. Not only do they make great power but they are ultra reliable. Strongest entry with this engine package may be the Starworks entry. This car will be one to follow with Ruben Barrichello behind the wheel of the DP for this weekend and the Rolex 24 Hour.

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In the GTLM category the BMW Z4s took to the track early and spent most of both sessions on track turning laps. This bodes well for the team as the cars are new and seem to have no hiccups yet. Results are not great on the time sheets for the Z4s in P7 and P10 out of 10 spots. The Z4 is a high down force car and the top speed issues have come into play once again at Daytona. Not to fret as the BMW is reliable and reliability is king during a 24 Hour race. Look for their position to improve on Saturday and Sunday.

MotorSportMedia BMWBlog Daytona Speedway Roar Testing Friday

Unfortunately no GTD news to report on the BMW report. The lone Z4 from Turner Motorsports is back at their shop and getting prepped for the Rolex 24 Hour.


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Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge

CTSCC brings unbelievably close racing to your favorite local race track. If you have not seen the CTSCC up close definitely head over to imsa.com and find out when the local event is. You will not be disappointed. Your favorite BMW teams run M3s, 328s and 128s in this series and race against Mustangs, Camaros, 911s, Caymans, Miatas and more. A little rubbing is common and tight fights up and down the field are common.

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Grand Sport – GS – Grand Sport is missing headline BMW teams in Turner Motorsports and Fall-Line Motorsports during the Roar test weekend. Turner has chosen to run a full season in the GTD so the GS program is currently on old. Series Champions Fall-Line Motorsports is sure to return to the GS field come race weekend in two short weeks. There are reports from Fall-Line they are working on a new turbocharged M car for the GS field. Stay tuned! The Little Speed Shop out of NY is the lone BMW M3 in GS testing this weekend. They are set to run the full season after testing the waters at a single race last year.

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Street Tuner – ST

Multiple BMW teams are set to contest the full season in the ST division. Series veterans BimmerWorld Racing return with a pair of the new turbocharged F30 328i after a full season of development in 2014. Out of the gates they F30 seems to be very strong having both cars setting times inside the Top 5. They have also added a partner in BGB to run a pair of Porsche Caymans as well. Quick to dial the cars in Gregory Liefooghe took the Cayman to the top of the time sheet in both sessions. Returning are the 128s from Burton Racing a year removed from their champion. They are running a single car this weekend.

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Check back later this weekend for a full gallery. We will have reports to update as well!