One of the best BMW commercials of the last few years features the all-new F23 2 Series Convertible. The second-generation compact cabriolet – following the success of the 1 Series Cabrio – was launched this summer and along with it, one of the best ads to showcase the spirit of the fun convertible.

The location for the video shoot was chosen to be in Palm Springs, California. The entertaining ad gives a closer look at not only the car, but also at the region’s most familiar features like mountains, wind turbines, a pool party, and plenty of palm and Joshua trees. The video ad also features the house of Chris Menrad, president of Palm Springs Modern Committee, a typical Palm Springs mid-century modern home with a pool and palm trees.


Menrad’s home is shown in the very beginning of the three-minute ad, when the actor is seen driving off from Menrad’s home into the Palm Springs landscape to pick up his girlfriend for a road trip.

“When they shot this I was in New York, so not even at the house — sad to say, I missed what looked like a fun pool party,” said Menrad, who added the production was “all very top secret.”

In fact, Menrad was under the impression his home was going to be used for a Kia commercial. It’s typical for location scouts to hide the name of the company in an effort to reduce any early product leaks, for example.

Last year, even Audi used Palm Springs Swim Center to shoot a commercial.

[Source: USAToday]