The “laser lights war” between BMW and Audi sees a new episode today. The Ingolstadt-based Audi unveils more specs of their R8 LMX limited edition sports car. The press release issued back in 2014 took a stab at BMW once again by pointing out that this is the first limited edition car with laser lights.

Last year, BMW claimed that the new i8 is the first series production vehicle featuring the new laser headlights.

The R8 LMX is the most powerful R8 yet producing 562 hp from a V10 engine. The R8 LMX sprints to 62mph in just 3.4 seconds. Other spec goodies include standard-fit carbon ceramic brakes, a fixed rear spoiler and aerodynamic front winglets, and Audi’s seven-speed ‘S-tronic’ dual-clutch gearbox. The R8 LMX, of which just 99 will be built, will cost €210,000 in Germany.


The R8 platform was used in the past to showcase a clever light technonology. In 2008, the R8 was the first car to introduce full LED headlights in 2008 and it also introduced progressive LED indicator lighting at its facelift in 2012.

At the upcoming 2015 CES in Vegas, BMW is expected to steal the show with their OLED technology and a new demonstration of the laser headlights.