BMW expects its luxury car sales to increase in 2015, as economic growth stalls in some European markets.

Forty percent of BMW’s sales are taking place in parts of Europe where the business activity has slowed down, but the company projects increased sales in 2015.

“The world has got a few bumps in the road at the moment,” BMW sales chief Ian Robertson told Reuters. “We still see that there is more opportunity for growth than downside risks next year,” he said, citing demand from the United States, China and parts of Europe.


This year, BMW believes it can still achieve its target of 2 million cars sold.

2015 is without a doubt the year of BMW i. The investment in the electric vehicles sub-brand is expected to pay off and contribute to the bottom line. BMW will boost i3 sales beyond 20,000 next year.

“We had a slower rampup than originally anticipated,” Robertson said. “The numbers now are running where we expected them to be.”

BMW also indicates that while it continues to chase new niches, the current line-up might be downsized if sales don’t sustain a particular model.

“We continually look for some new niches,” Robertson said. “Does that mean that our range will always have all the cars it always did? I’m not sure.”

[Source: Reuters]