G11 BMW 7 Series to get a B&W Audio System

Rumors | November 26th, 2014 by 10
BW v03 low 750x500

According to our sources, the next generation G11 BMW 7 Series will get a new audio system. The new high-fidelity system is designed by British …

According to our sources, the next generation G11 BMW 7 Series will get a new audio system. The new high-fidelity system is designed by British maker Bowers & Wilkins. Currently BMW uses audio systems from Harman Kardon and Bang & Olufsen.

Maserati and Jaguar are some of the car brands using the audio systems designed by the British company. Bowers & Wilkins also partnered with Volvo to develop an optional premium in-car audio system for the upcoming 2016 Volvo XC90. The full system is comprised of a 12-channel Harman 1,400 watts Class D amplifier serving a total of 19 Bowers & Wilkins speakers.

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For example, the Maserati Quattroporte uses a 15-speaker 1,280-watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

Even though we heard the B&W audio system is coming to the high-end 7 Series, we weren’t able to confirm at this time whether the new audio setup will replace the Harman Kardon or the B&O system.

The 2016 BMW 7 Series will be unveiled next fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

10 responses to “G11 BMW 7 Series to get a B&W Audio System”

  1. Yusif Aliyev says:

    is this the interior of the 7 series g11 ?

  2. jitorres4 says:

    Although I am not too familiar with B&W, wouldn’t Sennheiser be a feasible option? I have had experience with B&O and think it is a good idea to move on to something else

    • blah says:

      B&W is a very very very high end audio company. Their Nautilus is arguable the “perfect” floor standing speaker. However, at $40k per pair, a bit out of range of most consumers, let alone beyond the audible sensitivity of most peoples ears. At that point it becomes bragging rights.

      I would normally jump for excitement about this, but as of late B&W has shifted focus a little to compete with consumer grade brands. So the questions is, are we getting real high fidelity audio or consumer “high fidelity” , which usually means large mid-bass hump (a-la crappy Bose, JBL, B&O, etc). Since it’s a car, and limited by physics, it’ll be the consumer, massed produced grade audio. However, it’ll still probably be better than the competition.

      Senn only does headphones, not loudspeakers.

    • Dino Christodoulou says:

      Sennheiser is not an audio speaker specialist but a headset and earphone manufacturer, although very good.

      Check out B&W’s high end audio speaker 800 series Diamond range and you’ll understand why they chose them.


      • Horatiu B. says:

        The B&W is def a step up. No one should doubt that. This is the flagship BMW and they won’t compromise on a such important component of the car. So rest assured, they made sure B&W can deliver the best audio for them. Most likely, B&W had access to a pre-prod model to make sure the system is properly tuned for it.

  3. herbaled says:

    On Christmas eve Santa delivered by brand new BMW ActiveHybrid 7L … with the B&W sound system which interfaces with all the songs on my iPhone/iPad. All I can say is WoW! I am so loving this car.

  4. KiwiRob says:

    This is the interior of the new Volvo XC90.

  5. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    Would be nice to have more pre-designed audio modes on the HK stereo than just “Logic7.” Previous HK had multiple modes you could turn on much like the B&O systems. Maybe make HK standard, the B&O system as the upgraded one … and then have the B&W as the “premium.”

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