Carlex Design take on a BMW Z4 project and turn the sporty roadster into a highly customized vehicle.

The project was dubbed BMW Z4 Red Carbonic and the customization list is dominated by the extensive use of carbon fiber and Alcantara. Furthermore, the project team took the first sketches highlighting the aggressive lines of the Z4 and have created a unique design, a combination of lines, textures and contrasts between black and red color.

bmw z4 red carbonic by carlex design 01 750x500

Both, the exterior and interior design created by Carlex Design complement each other, where the deep purring sound of the BMW’s engine gives a thrilling pleasure, sending chills down the spine!

The interior has become another provocative element to drive the car faster and faster.

Carlex Design BMW Z4 Red Carbonic Tuning E89 Innenraum 06 750x500 Carlex-Design-BMW-Z4-Red-Carbonic-Tuning-E89-Innenraum-04 Carlex-Design-BMW-Z4-Red-Carbonic-Tuning-E89-Innenraum-01

The result? See it below.