Laurel BMW of Westmont, IL, is selling on eBay a full scale replica of the new BMW i8. Ahead of its launch, most of the BMW i-certified dealerships around the country have received a full scale BMW i8 model to be showcased to customers.

Made of fiberglass, the i8 replica comes with functional LED lights but It does not drive nor has an engine or transmission. You can not open the doors and it does not have an interior. And furthermore, the wheels do not roll.

The eBay ad say that the BMW i8 replica should weight about 500 lbs since it was “carried in” by four guys. It is hollow underneath, about a quarter inch thick and it has bracing inside so it is very stable.

Essentially the car looks place in any spot you put it so we can see this popping up in the future in clubs, bar, restaurants or even in design exhibitions. As of midnight, August 23, the bidding price is up to $8,200, not bad for a purposeless vehicle.

The 2014 BMW i8 has a base price of $135,700 but some dealers are asking as much as $100,000 over the MSRP. A recent one-off BMW i8 sold for $825,000 in Pebble Beach. Check out our exclusive photos of the car!

[Photos: Charlene King Communications]