According to the German trade journal Advertising & Sell, BMW has invested no less than 16.6 million euros in the first half of 2014 for BMW i8 advertising.

With currently 55 units sold, this comes down to an impressive 301,818 Euros per vehicle sold. Of course it is completely normal that advertising campaigns begin before the launch of a new model and the companies may face higher numbers at the beginning.

BMW i8 production continues to remain limited due the volume constraints at the Leipzig plant but the number of units delivered to customers will continue to increase in the few months as the U.S. market launches the i8 as well. In 2015, i8 production will be increased even more.

Global launch campaign for BMW i8-01

There are also some other interesting numbers in the i8 campaign. The journal says that 68 percent of people that saw the commercial agree with the statement that BMW is building “vehicles of the future” while only 50 percent of people that have not seen the commercials agree with this statement.

The expensive advertising campaign has reached around 44 percent of car buyers in Germany and BMW was above average perceived as a builder of hybrid and electric car.

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[Source: Motor-Talk via Bimmertoday]