BMW predicts China will become the world’s largest market for electric vehicles aided by the Chinese government’s investments in charging infrastructure and greener cars.

Karsten Engel, Head of BMW China, says that by 2019, the Chinese market will become the largest market for electro-mobility. “We expect that the Chinese car market for electro-mobility will become the largest markets for those cars in a few years,” Engel told reporters after a ceremony in Shanghai yesterday. “Because you have supply now, there are cars coming on the market. We are coming with ours, others are coming as well.”


BMW China has recently signed a partnership with Shanghai’s municipal power company who will build public charging points. The public charging points at the former Expo site in Shanghai will be compatible with EVs made by BMW and other brands, including BYD and SAIC Motor, though not for Tesla’s cars.

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Most premium automakers are betting on the growth of the Chinese market. VW plans to unveil more than 15 electrified models in China by 2018, while Daimler is building electric vehicles with Chinese automaker BYD. Tesla delivered its first Model S cars in the country last month.

[Source: Bloomberg]

BMW will begin selling the i3 EV in China in September with around 1,000 units planned for this year.