HRE Wheel manufacturer held their 2014 annual Open House in Vista, California on June 7th, drawing over 700 cars and 1,000 participants. Headlining the event was none other than Matt Farah, from The Smoking Tire. Long known for being a leading manufacturer of high end forged wheels for exotic cars and racers, HRE is a US-based company. Cars that showed for the event were nothing short of staggering and in additional to the typical exotics, included a Sector 111 barely street legal BAC Mono.

Every year, HRE opens its doors for one of the most eclectic and exotic car gatherings in southern California. 2014 marked HRE’s biggest Open House yet. Starting at 9:00am gorgeous vehicles rolled into the parking lot including everything from your tastefully modified BMW M3, to rare supercars like the Maserati MC12. Cars were literally everywhere, spilling out on to the surrounding streets while people were entertained by Farrah as well as taking HRE factory tours.


Attendees got a sneak peek at some new HRE models. This year’s special unveil came in the form of HRE’s latest three-piece creation, the Series RS1. The Series RS1 debuts with six new styles, including the 9-spoke mesh RS100, the 7-spoke split RS101, the 5-spoke twist RS102, the 15-spoke multi RS103, the solid 5-spoke RS105, and the 6-spoke RS106. Two of these models were on display on a stunning McLaren MP4 and a stunning Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

HRE had a raffle where they gave away a free set of FlowForm wheels with tires and a forged set of wheels with tires through a raffle HRE was able to raise over $6500 dollars for the Motor4Toys charity. Akrapovic and Brembo Brakes were several vendors that participated in the event as well.


Not just the engineering, it’s not just the style but HRE wheels are super strong with a gorgeous finish. HRE’s forged wheels take up to 3 hours to manufacture. Given the time to make each wheel, most of HRE’s wheels are built to order. Less un-sprung mass, super strong. TUV approved.

Take a look at our Photo gallery showing the highlights.