Manhart Racing is introducing the MH2 400 Clubsport, a racing machine based on the new BMW M235i.

Just like the standard M235i, the Manhart MH2 400 aims to offer the best balance between weight distribution, rear-wheel drive and a six-cylinder engine. The six-cylinder turbo engine with performance boost uses an additional process control system and with the help of a bigger charging air intercooler and a special sport exhaust system with Manhart downpipe and 200-cell sports catalyzers, the MH2 now outputs 430 horsepower and a maximum torque of 592 Nm. Since Manhart Performance eliminated the factory-fitted Vmax block completely, the MH2 Club sport also moves beyond the 300 km/h.


Manhart Performance relies on the experience of KW and counts on the 3-fold adjustable Club sport coilover kit including support bearings and its own alignment for the MH2 Clubsport. Moreover, there is also a 0-100% differential lock on demand.

Contact with the road surface is assumed by the company’s own Manhart Concave One rims of 8.5×19 inches with 225/35ZR19 in front and 9.5×19 inches with 255/30ZR19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in the rear. Wherever there is a race, there is braking too: For racing operation, Manhart has swapped the serial system on the front axle with the 6-piston fixed calipers with disks of size 350×34 mm and Pagid sports brake pads and steel flex lines. There are also Pagid brake pads and steel flex lines on the rear axle.


The additional aerodynamic helpers such as the front spoiler, rear diffuser and the rear spoiler are all taken from the BMW M Performance program and are largely made of carbon.

The interior of MH2 Clubsport is presented with the colorfast Recaro Pole Position full-shell seat with the 4-point suspender belts. To keep the weight in check, Manhart removed the complete rear bench seat including the belts.


Here is a photo gallery of the MH2: