Manhart Racing is preparing their own version of the BMW M235i. Dubbed MH2 400 Clubsport, the racing machine takes the tuning of the M235i to a new level by delivering 400 horsepower.

Just like the standard M235i, the Manhart MH2 400 aims to offer the best balance between weight distribution, rear-wheel drive and a six-cylinder engine.

While the BMW M235i Coupe concentrates on the performance and suitability for everyday use, the Manhart MH2 400 Clubsport concentrates on performance. In plain language this means take that back seat out and build a roll cage inside!

Manhart MH2 400 Clubsport BMW M235i Tuning 1 750x562

As with the MH1, the MH2 400 will send at least 405 hp to the rear wheels and distribute the force by means of a QUAIFE locking differential optimally placed between the wheels. The torque was increased to 561 Nm (414 lb-ft). Also the KW Clubsport coilover suspension and a more powerful braking system by Manhart are likely to find their way into MH2 as well.

First press drives are under way in Germany so expect to learn more details in the near future.

Manhart MH2 400 Clubsport BMW M235i Tuning 2 750x562