A MINI, a DJ, a turntable and a disco globe light. The necessary ingredients to transform a new MINI Cooper into the smallest disco club in the world. BMW Romania takes the new MINI and gives it a makeover to fit the typical MINI experience. And its customers.

Unique in the MINI is the MINI Connected Drive and its app which offers a new Dynamic Music function. The hipsterish feature includes exclusively-composed music that adjusts based on things like a compatible Mini Cooper’s “longitudinal and lateral acceleration.” In other words, the faster and crazier you drive, the more exciting the music becomes.


So what’s the best way to test that than to take the MINI Cooper on a drifting session on a go-kart circuit. The 192 horsepower Cooper S managed to mix quite some disco music for its passengers.

Ambient lighting in MINI cars is one feature that really sets it apart from anything else in the market. The ambient lighting add a very cool illuminated ‘ambiance’ with different colors available to setup by the driver depending on her or his mood.


And now comes the DJ with his turntable, four passengers and ….a disco globe light, and the party is ON.

See the photo gallery below.

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