After nearly 20 years of stops and starts, Italian automaker Alfa Romeo is returning to the US market. Alfa Romeo debuted its 4C model at the 2014 New York Auto Show this week.

Alfa Romeo 4C is an ultra-lightweight, mid-engined, turbocharged car with non-power-assisted steering. The 4C Launch Edition is the official name of the car returning to the U.S. and the 500 Launch Editions will be limited to three colors – Alfa Red, Rosso Competizione or Madreperla White.

The car showcases a carbon-fiber spoiler and mirror caps and unique forged wheels.


To meet the expectations of a sports car, the 4C comes with firmer suspensions, performance-tuned shocks and stiffer front and rear sway bars. Meanwhile, a racing exhaust should help the turbocharged, four-cylinder engine make its presence known.

A new generation turbocharger features a pulse-converter exhaust manifold to exploit pressure waves and boost torque at low-engine speeds. A waste gate valve adjusts turbo pressure and improves the engine’s efficiency. Advanced scavenging technology enables the Alfa Romeo 4C to maximize torque at low engine speeds and deliver more response to driver input by increasing combustion efficiency and turbine speed, all while eliminating turbo lag. As a result, torque delivery is instantaneous, with a peak of 258 ft.-lb. (350 N•m); 80 percent of which is available at only 1,700 rpm.

Teamed to the all-aluminum engine is a paddle-shifting Alfa TCT twin-clutch transmission, which has been specifically tuned for the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C. With its uniquely calibrated software that adjusts with the Alfa DNA selector system, the Alfa TCT’s gearshifts are designed to become most aggressive in the Dynamic and Race modes. The Alfa TCT system also integrates a “launch control” mode – delivering the utmost acceleration possible as soon as the driver releases the brake.

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