Recently I had the pleasure of staging photo sessions for two very special cars belonging to Hunter5179. This is the story of his M6.

Ever since he can remember, Constantine Sotos has had the urge to change and personalize things around him: cars, houses, businesses, pets, food, even people at times. Whether it was adding carbon fiber interior trim, installing a roaring exhaust system or slapping on the latest aerodynamic kit, nothing could ever be left alone for too long. In reality it is precisely because of car enthusiasts like Constantine that the car industry has been stirred to think outside of its commercial box.

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We enthusiasts have inspired and paved the industry’s way, demanding that it generate imaginative ways to bring the “concept cars” of the so-called future into the present, and into the artistic hands of those who dare to build the cars of their dreams. However, because the industry has begun to offer sportier options and various aftermarket companies have emerged and created products to aid the enthusiast in his quest, the enthusiast’s imagination has become overburdened and flaccid. It’s not to say that all these circumstances are negative simply because car companies have produced sportier, more aggressive options, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the myriad of choices. The difficulty then lies in creating an inspiring, robust, total-package image that flows seamlessly – to build what appears to be an OEM concept car.

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This is why, when Constantine first purchased his 2012 BMW 550xi M Sport, he realized that BMW had the enthusiast’s desire for better-performance and more aesthetically enhancing options in mind. He felt that the M Division at BMW definitely adheres to this philosophy. He quickly modded his BMW 550xi with careful consideration to detail and color, making sure that each modification both played off and flowed with the lines and feel of the car so as not to distort it.

Rather, he wanted to enhance its organic nature and make it something more than what it was, giving modders and even car companies a new, inspiring, and conceptual way of looking at it. Instead of the enthusiast desperately awaiting the latest trend from the car companies, the car companies can now look to the enthusiast for equally inspirational guidance along with their design teams and knowledge to create a hybrid automobile that is both “Street” and “Wall Street”: the soul of the enthusiast and the brawn of the automobile empire.


It is not enough that we have aftermarket companies offering parts, but we as enthusiasts have to remember that it is up to us to take those parts, push the envelope and create the future of car design. We need to ensure that our creative aspiration and integrity are not clouded by the availability or multitude of aftermarket products and not manipulated by the companies out to make a quick profit. Ultimately, expressing the passion of the car enthusiast requires thorough research of products, thoughtful selection of modifications, and most importantly, genuine collaboration between modders and the aftermarket distributors dedicated to the achievement of the enthusiast’s vision.

Recently Constantine was fortunate enough to acquire a new BMW M6 in Singapore Gray, and just as with everything else in his life, he immediately set about making improvements. Along with some carefully chosen mods that really enhance the features of this monster, he wanted to have a really dynamic appearance without going too far and ruining the clean lines set forth by the designers.


In his mind, there was only one choice – the Vorsteiner carbon fiber aerodynamic kit. Once painted and installed, the transformation was truly complete. At first glance, this has the look of an M6 GTS, if such a thing existed. Constantine insists on having only high quality parts installed on his cars, and to him the Vorsteiner kit fits the bill. With a few additional custom touches, he now has his personal vision of a perfect BMW – for now.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to his chariot-beast, the 2013 BMW F13 M6 Coupe:

List of Mods:
• Full titanium Akropovic Evolution exhaust with carbon fiber tips
• Gruppe M carbon fiber intake system
• HRE 21-inch P101 monoblock wheels
• Custom JL Audio subwoofers mounted in trunk
• Painted custom engine cover
• Custom interior LED lighting for the footwells
• Vorsteiner full carbon fiber aerodynamic kit
• 35% tinted windows
• M Performance carbon fiber shifter
• M Performance carbon fiber mirrors
• Michelin Super Sport tires
• And several other mods which the owner prefers not to list

[Photos: Johan Lee Photography]